RxH Chaos Ray-Gun Prototype WIP   Leave a comment

This is a prototype for an accessory I’m working on.  I’ve got an awesome Armored Chaos Real x Head figure, and I thought he would look awesome with a ray gun to wield.  Mutant Chaos is supposed to be a shape shifter, who uses his distinctive arm probe to sample other organisms to mimic, but I like to think that the probe can also double as a ray weapon of sorts.  The Armored Chaos figure is a tribute to an old Japanese show hero, and looks like a form Mutant Chaos would take when things are getting heavy and the Mutants need some support.  I figured he could shapeshift the probe into a ray-gun so he could still use it, but in the heat of battle, he might lose focus, and the ray-gun probe extremity would be the first thing to waver in form.  The current piece is sculpted out of Aves Apoxie-Sculpt over a plastic tubing armature, with some styrene-strip details and some miscellaneous tank bits.  The details still are not a hundred percent, as I want to refine the tendril-like texture of the gun, as well as add maybe a trigger or a bit more detail to the rear ray-gun bit.  I’m thinking that if there’s interest, I could recast these to sell, with or without painting depending on what people want.

Posted August 4, 2009 by Prometheum5 in Toy Customs, Vinyl

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