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This big guy is a recast of an older WonderFest kit (I think!) of the Zentraedi Glaug officer’s battlepod from Super Dimensional Fortress: Macross.  The Glaug is a tough design to render due to the spindly arms, and I had to use alot of pins on the parts to keep it stable.  I actually finished this kit a year ago, but only finally took it back off the shelf to re-fix the arms the other day, and figured it was time to finally photograph it all finished.  The decals were made by me in Photoshop, using a scan of the decal sheet from a 1/72 Glaug plastic kit (either an Arii kit or Imai I assume), printed on clear decal stock.  This was the first time I made my own decals, and I’m pretty happy with how they came out… I think the clear backing worked really well with the gunship greys of the machine, and gave it a bit more subdued look, instead of totally bright stand out colors all over the mech.  I replaced the antenna on the side of the cockpit with a piece cut from thin Plasticard.  Painted with a couple of random Tamiya and Testor’s rattle cans I had on hand, and then detailed with acrylics and a brush.  I did all those yellow stencils on the legs by hand, and it took a long time to get them to where I was happy with them.  An oil wash and weathering pigments rounded out the package, along with clear red on silver for all the sensor lights.

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  1. Nice! I just finished my Arii 1/100 scale Regult, I need to build one of these next. Great job! LF

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