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Marmit is one of the leading modern vinyl kaiju manufacturers today.  The Sky Deviler is a design from the stage troupe Big Battel from what I understand, out of Boston.  I bought the purple vinyl with green spray colorway the other day.  The claws and eye and top pincers were flat colors, and kind of bland, and the eye was not painted too cleanly.  I decided to make all the teeth and claws bone colored, instead of the flat silver they were before.  I’m still waiting for parts for my airbrush, so everything here is hand painted with acrylics.  I did alot of layering on the teeth and claws to get the bone texture down, and then added some cavities and whatnot to them.  I Used some reddish colors to blend in where the claws grow out of, as well as redoing the lips on the big sucker mouth, around the eye, and in what I decided were gills on the front of the monster.  The eye was done using a picture online for reference, and I used yellow for the iris so it would stand out against the other colors on the figure.

Posted June 19, 2009 by Prometheum5 in Toy Customs, Vinyl

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