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Mechabot: A Hero Reforged is an original IP vinyl toy designed by Go Hero.  In the realm of designer vinyl toys, most are either made by pretentious twits, hideously ugly, or some combination therein.  Mechabot bucks against this model, and is a gorgeous vinyl beast with great articulation and a stellar design.  Out of the bag, Mechabot is a bit plain, and after playing with mine for a few days, I figured I could without too much fuss spruce him up a bit and make it look like Mechabot had seen his fair share of battles without being too overwhelming.  I used a combination of paint chipping effects and a lot of subtle oil colors on the silver to add surface texture and variation to the armor, and a mix of finishes (gloss, satin, matte) to tie all the details together.  This is a just a teaser shot, as I was unhappy with the table reflection the silver picked up in the rest of my photo shoot.

Posted April 5, 2009 by Prometheum5 in Mecha, Toy Customs

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