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The T-34 was the primary tank of the Soviet forces in WWII, and it saw a great many revisions during the war as technology and production advanced.  The T-34/85 is armed with the later 85mm gun, and wa sa common sight on the Russian Front.

Trumpeter produces a series of T-34s in 1/16 scale, which is fairly enormous… the chassis of the tank is about the size of a shoebox (the T-34 is not that big of a tank).  These mammoth kits have complete interiors and fully working suspension.  I spent a great deal of time on the interior, even though some of it will never be seen again now that the model is all assembled.  I made all of the hatches workable, including adding a hinge for the large engine hatch so that the interior can be viewed.  There are WIP pics here of the interior when it was completed before I closed up the kit, to prove all that detail is really there!  The kit features fully articulated spring-loaded suspension with workable tracks, so I made sure that my weathering for the running gear and tracks was realistic and allowed the suspension to remain workable.  The only upgrades I made to the kit were a turned aluminum gun barrel, the engine hatch hinge, wiring for the sparkplugs on the engine, and photoetched front fenders.  I’m still waiting for someone to release figures for this kit… it could really use a crew!

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  1. Nice detail. I envy your patience.

  2. What an incredible piece of art. The attention to the wear on the interior is amazing…for one thing, the wear on the driver’s seat is incredibly realistic. You should be very proud of this work.

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