Gundam RX-178 MkII Master Grade ver2   Leave a comment

The Gundam MkII is one of the two lead machines in Zeta Gundam. This is the version 2 Master Grade kit, which has a full interior skeleton/frame and is incredibly articulated.  I finished this kit a few years ago, when it came out.  I added a slightly modified paint scheme with some extra color trim, and used Bandai’s waterslide decal sheet to spruce up the machine.  This was an early attempt at a more subtle  amount of battle damage and weathering on my larger scale mecha models.  I think the effect here works much better than the harsher techniques used on my GP-01FB.    The MkII is a jack of all trades mobile suit, able to function as a ground combat machine as well as in space.  Most of Z Gundam takes place in space, so I did not do any dirty and rust on this mecha.

Posted January 23, 2009 by Prometheum5 in Gundam, Mecha

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