Bandai 1/100 Zaku IIJ MG ver2.0 » zak09   2 comments

Posted February 5, 2009 by Prometheum5

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  1. looking good!! I like the battle damage effect you gave it, just one observation, some of the decals seem a bit too clean at least from my point of view, since the whole zaku its battle damaged the decals don’t fit too well being all clear

    • Thanks for the comment! I can see where you’d say that, but my thinking was that since not every surface is going to get banged and dinged on such a large machine, I’m not sure how much superficial surface damage would occur… if this had been a larger scale model I probably would have spent more time on surface chipping and damage, where it’d be more visible. Like I said, after watching MSIgloo 2 episode 1, I feel like the whole thing is under weathered!

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