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Incubot ‘Khorne Infernal’ Nekosaurus   Leave a comment

This guy was the main event from the Khorne-inspired painting frenzy, and for my own collection.  I painted the inside with red pearl and then clear red, and painted the details from the outside.  The burning hot markings and leaking power were finished tinted white lines applied with a razor sharp brush.

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M1GO Guiro Dada   Leave a comment

Dada is an Ultraman kaiju.  He’s weird and neat looking, and the M1 sculpt is awesome fun.

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BlobPus Guiro Blobpi   Leave a comment

The Blobpi is the smallest version of the main Blob design, and is adorably fun.

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Sunguts Guiro Queen Yulisis   Leave a comment

Sunguts is a JP vinyl maker known for his awesome line of cutesy kaiju minis, but he has done some larger work as well.  Queen Yulisis exists as a cute mini, but was also translated into an awesome, gigantic standard sized sculpt.  I painted this Queen in colors reminiscent of the old Bullmark Guiro Seijin, which features my favorite vintage paint job.

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Max Toy Co at Toygraph Alien Argus Show!   Leave a comment

Ceekoar Argus is available at the TAG Shop now, along with some other fierce custom Arguses (Argusi?)

UPDATE: Looks like my Argus has sold!  Thanks for all your continued support.

TAG posted this preview of the Alien Argus show postcard on their Twitter!  I am sooo excited to see this show open, and wish I could be there myself.  See if you can spot my figure on the card (twice!).

Update: Remember the show opens tomorrow night!

Bandai Manabe Heavy Industries MPL-97S Python Patlabor   Leave a comment

Mobile Police Patlabor might be my favorite mecha anime.  I am all about down and dirty war shows like VOTOMS or Gundam 08th MS Team, but the combination of more civilized real robot action and the fantastic characters make Patlabor a fantastic series.  In Patlabor, mecha (labors) have become an everyday thing for everything from construction to war.  As with all new technologies, labors are abused, so special police divisions are created to combat labor crime with their own Patrol Labors (‘Pat’ ‘labor’).

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Max Toy Co Mini Drazoran- UPDATED   1 comment


I have been having a blast getting to know the Monster Kolor paint system since this summer, experimenting with all sorts of crazy finishes and pearl effects, but I have been itching to get back to matte finishes and more ‘model’ sprays.  I went for a vintage feel on this guy with flat colors and silver, but couldn’t help but use a metallic color on the spines.  With a matte finish, the pearls give off this neat iridescence that I was really happy with on the Argus, without being overwhelming.

NOW with better photos.

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Max Toy Co Mini Captain Maxx   Leave a comment

While I was painting the Pocket Captain Maxx, I also painted this pink blank mini Captain Maxx for a secret project ;)

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Posted February 7, 2011 by Ben Mininberg in Toy Customs, Vinyl

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Ceekoar Alien Argus for Max Toy 5th Anniversary Argus Custom Show   Leave a comment

Toy Art Gallery is going to be hosting a custom group show for the US debut of Max toy Co’s  newest figure Alien Argus opening on February 26th.  Mark sent me this awesome minty green blank to paint for the show that was so cool I almost didn’t want to paint it!

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“We killed Seymour” Monster Family for Super 7 One-Offs- Up Now   Leave a comment

Super 7 is holding a show on January 29th and I was asked to participate.  The rules were Super 7 or Gargamel toys, so I submitted the “Slick” mini Hedorah and another mini I’ll post tomorrow, along with these two that I whipped up, loosely inspired by Little Shop of Horrors.  In this version, Audrey’s boyfriend the dentist turns into a robot and teams up with Audrey II the monster to kill Seymour and then they elope.

Update: The figures from the show are available now on the Super7 site!  Looks like everyone has now sold!  Thanks for your support.

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Posted January 29, 2011 by Ben Mininberg in Toy Customs, Vinyl

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