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PRS ‘Clover’ Style Gundam at Winter Wonderfest   Leave a comment

When I posted the finished shots of my Master Grade RX-78-2 Gundam painted with Monster Kolor, Matt Walker aka Dead Pre$idents asked me if he could display it at the booth he was sharing with Max Toy Co at Winter Wonder Festival in Japan.  Monster Kolor paint has been a huge success for Matt, and he is always looking for demonstrations of its use in new and creative ways.  My MK on plastic Gundam model fit the bill, and was shipped off to Japan for display at the show.  These pics of the booth come courtesy of Kaiju Korner Andy, who has been providing the best English-language coverage of Japanese shows and festivals out there for a couple of years now.  Go check out the rest of his extensive WonderFest coverage here.  He took a gazillion photos, and there’s more still to be posted.

Here’s a shot of the whole Max Toy Co and Friends booth!  My Gundam was in good company.  I think it’s giving Max Toy Co’s new micro Kaiju Negora sculpt a bit of a shakedown!

Toy Snaps   Leave a comment

Recently I have been getting back into the Takara ‘SF Land’ lines, Henshin Cyborg, Microman, Diaclone, and, the redheaded stepchild, Blockman.  I love the interconnectedness of the 5mm-compatible lines, and how they all exist as sort of different scales of the same world.  Henshin Cyborg is all about detailed character toys, Diaclone is about the interaction between little men and their massive transforming war machines, and Microman is sort of the happy medium.

What’s funny is that Blockman, a line of build-able simple robot figures that serve as both building block and robot toy, are secretly also in Diaclone scale.  The little chrome pilots that fit into Blockman cockpits are nothing more than non-posable Diaclone drivers.  Awesome.

I also got this fantastic resin figure from Sharkfist Design through the Kaiju for Japan sale.  This Nurikabe is a wall oni, stalwart stone defender.  It is also fantastically sculpted, painted, and features a glow in the dark scar.

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Glyos Ceekoar Custom Release   Leave a comment

Ceekoar is one of the fringe worlds of the Glyos universe, known for its harsh gaseous environment.  It is constantly under siege because deep under its cloudy exterior it was the site of many ferocious Old War battles, resulting in the inhospitable environment today.  The survivors of Ceekoar were changed by the new environment and now dedicate themselves to keeping the Old War tech decaying on Ceekoar out of anyone’s hands.

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Glyos Blighted Warp Interloper Callgrim   2 comments

Reports of mysterious new blight infections have been popping up around the Glyos system.  It appears that many many warp travelers have been infected.  This Warp Interloper Callgrim-pattern bounty hunter was reported by a traveler recently, with what appears to be a more advanced infection.

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Glyos Nobotos Ranger   Leave a comment

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Glyos Blighted Phanost   Leave a comment


My brother made a custom Phanost build that incorporated some metal parts we got from the recent drop and other places that he wanted me to paint.  One of the parts was a metal Crayboth claw, so he got a huge claw arm and I wanted it to be a focal point.  It was such an unusual build that I couldn’t help but think that the claw must be some sort of mutation or blight this Phanost caught while exploring.  Now, his blighted arm crackles with power even as it corrupts him.


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Glyos Customs WIP Part 2   1 comment

The first post was getting long, so this will be part 2 of the Glyos figures in progress.

It was time for some details, so I got out a fine-tuned weapon.

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Glyos Customs Step-by-Step- Updated!   1 comment

I’m working on a Glyos commission and a couple additional figures that will end up being for same. I thought it’d be fun to take some quick pictures as the painting progressed so that people could see how I work.  Here’s what we’ve got so far:

Here’s all the parts of what we’re working with… there’s three figures here.  I’m going for primarily blue battle suits, with an as-yet undecided secondary color, and some silver elements.  The Sarvos is supposed to be something of a test-bed unit, with some safety markings on him and a prototype gun and bitchin’ flight pack.  The Buildman Gendrone is going to be his escort type support guy.

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Desert Armodoc   Leave a comment

Finished the Desert Armodoc today!  He’s been on the trail of a traveler for what seems like eons, both of them trapped on a world of endless desert.  The Armodoc’s been blasted by winds and scorched by suns, and caked with dust.  I left the eyes, gun tip, and top head ‘vents’ GID vinyl to add a little interest, and the color of the glow vinyl fits right in with the desert faded colors.  The weathering is a combination of oil washes, filters, acrylic chipping, airbrushed paint fading, and dry pigments, all done in layers to give him some history and depth.

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New Things- Pheyaos Man!   Leave a comment

I had the wonderful privilege of getting to see the place where Matt Doughty works his magic at his house, Glyos HQ.  He had plenty of cool thing to show me, and wouldn’t let me leave without a few cool things for upcoming projects (and a hint of things to come).  Front and center was my getting to see the entire box full of the first Onell release of the Pheyaos Man, and getting to pick mine up early.  I know people have been just going mad waiting for this release after seeing the sculpt used in a few Japanese releases so far, and I can say with complete certainty that it is worth the wait.  The only disappointed people are going to be the ones who cannot grab one, but I have been assured that more are forthcoming and Matt is going to do everything he can to make people happy.  The Pheyaos head sculpt perfectly blends RxH’s Mutant Chaos with Glyos’s Pheyden, as Chaos absorbs some of Pheyden’s power and essence.  Anyone who’s seen my previous posts will know that I love the Adult Chaos body, and with the amazing paint work by Goto-san, the whole figure comes together under the head sculpt beyond all expectations.  I’ll be reviewing the Pheyaos vinyls, and plan on having the Pheyaos Man review up on the night of the release.

There’s also a pair of teasers here for upcoming customs.  One is a Mutant Evil custom I am almost done with, just need to finish some small details.  The other is a custom Chaos Glyos figure I got to assemble at Glyos HQ, with resin Chaos arm and head that were flawed and unusable from the recent Custom Corps.  I am planning on painting this guy similar to the Pheyaos Man with some fading between a Chaos figure of mine (not sure which yet) and a recognizable Glyos figure scheme.

I also recently published a review of the 3A Toys WWRP Bramble over on CollectionDX:

UPDATE: I just published my Pheyaos Man review for CDX:

If you’re into Glyos, don’t sleep on this release.

I am going to be covering all of the 3A Toys I receive for CollectionDX as I get them, next up will be the Portable Berties, hopefully going up before they are all sold out from retailers, so people can actually read a review when looking at buying them.


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