RxH Akro-Kaiser with Monster Kolor and Dead Presidents   1 comment

Painted a second figure with Monster Kolor now, and I’m still trying to decide how I feel about it.  I had a rough idea for how I wanted to do this figure, and the main focus was the flaming eye.  I got a little carried away picking out little details with different colors, and I think the head came out a bit too busy, diminishing the contrast of the flaming eye.

Also tried out taking photos in the sun today, instead of fighting with indoor fluorescent lighting, so there’s a couple extra shots of the Jet Jaguar, and the three shiniest figures I own.  The red one is a Dead Presidents painted RxH Adult Fly Guy from a show a few months back.  I have one more DP figure, but he was tucked away on the shelf, and I’ve got another one coming!  I love the unique way Dead Presidents works so many colors and loose sprays into his figures.  I like to focus on painting all the elements of the sculpt, but DP just works on a whole different level to lay down his colors, and it mystifies me while looking real good.

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Posted May 17, 2010 by Prometheum5 in Toy Customs, Vinyl

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